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I liked the sound of the subaru until Dave Domier had a fan belt impact the timing chain cover, break the plastic and stop the engine. IIRC he got it down with some damage, and walked away. In general I think the subs a good engine, but I'm not as confident about its durability as I am the rotary.

Every dead stick rotary landing has been related to periferals - oil coolers, ignition, fuel etc. etc. Never the engine itself. It's just a matter of getting the periferals right and I believe we have a solid solution in the rotary. Add a turbo and you're moving away from the "unbreakable" reputation a little, but someones got to try it - might as well be me.

Rotaries just don't fly
I think you're relaying a personal decision here, and that's fine. I'd be interested in your reasoning. However, they certainly do fly. I'd guess that Tracy's 1300+ hrs is probably the highest time automotive conversion flying. At the shady bend flyin you'll see Finn Lassen, Ed Andersen, Tracy and a couple of other long time wanklers. They're there every year.