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Default Re: Rage, Rage against the dying of the light...

Seasons change
Economy down
Commercial real estate crushed
Home values crushed
People leaving the state in droves
Business slowing
Child #1 off to college
Child #2 learning to drive
Wife of 23 years in hormonal distress
Is it a mid-life crisis, or just life ?

...That makes me want to build something or kill something?
I like this guy!! Misery loves company.

I do both but Nov. 15 is a little bit away and most times I don't get to kill anything. I have a bow but it drives me crazy sitting in a tree for hours to days wasting time when I could be building something (or working).

Summer is great, fall is okay, winter sucks unless you're an indoor person who doesn't like bugs and can control the weather with a thermostat. I go to the garage, read the plans, build something, then life is wisked away for awhile. Sometimes till 1:00AM. Plane building is great therapy.
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