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Dust - I checked out your wire marking maching and saw examples of its imprinting of each wire's use on the wire's cover. (To All: Go to Waiter's web site... ... and click on the "Retrofits" option on the left and page back in time to about April 2006???). It is a truly a NEAT solution to the lifetime problems of intallation, maintenence, troubleshooting, and any upgrading projects - after you think: 'Its Done!'.

HOWEVER... The use of this machine solution only fits the problem of new plane builders or major wiring make-over mavens (e.g. ripping out the steam gages and intalling a new glass panel).

For those of us not wanting/needing to rip everthing out and labeling bundles of new wiring going in, here is a more simple way to label the wires already in place or just the wires on a new gizmo being added to the plane... Cable/Wire Labels from [ (or ]. Also check out the selection of Cable/Wire Ties and Wraps to keep long runs of wiring neat and manageable [ (or )].

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