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Originally Posted by John Slade
snipped ...
Regarding the engine - where did you read that 120hp is enough for a Cozy III? Sounds a lot low to me. The recommended engine is the 0-320 which is 160HP. Many install the 0-360 for 180.
Normally you would be right, but not if you consider these facts:
The Thielert Centurion, with its 140HP, is competing head to head with the IO-360 due to its higher torque from low RPM's. A three blade IVO Magnum in-flight adjustable prop will do the rest.
This is an interim solution until the Toyota D-4D becomes widely available.
For the next couple of years, the plane will be operated within Greece, off long runways, with minimum fuel due to the short distances involved, and with one or two people aboard. Later we'll see.
It's all Greek to me
P.S. In today's news: The 13 km (8 miles) long highway tunnel between Italy and France, I will use in a week, was blocked by the collision of two trucks carrying tires and synthetic glue respectively, resulting in at least one death due to fumes and temperatures around 900 degrees Celsius (1650 Farenheit)
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