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Originally Posted by John Slade
Sounds like a good plan, and an excellent adventure. I wish I could tag along.

Regarding the engine - where did you read that 120hp is enough for a Cozy III? Sounds a lot low to me. The recommended engine is the 0-320 which is 160HP. Many install the 0-360 for 180.
While you are correct that most folks with COZY III's have O-320's, and some even have O-360's, the original engine for the COZY III was an O-235, and there are numerous COZY III's flying with these engines, which put out 115 HP. You no longer have a rocket ship, but you certainly have a safe, useful, and VERY efficient aircraft.

A 120 HP turbo-diesel with a CS prop in a COZY III will be more than adequate, since you'll always get at least 120 HP, whereas the O-235 will rarely get 115 HP, unless it's cold and low.
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