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Originally Posted by Kumaros
Source: FLIEGER magazine, June 2005:
Manufacturer: Lambert Aircraft Engineering / Belgium
Aircraft: Mission M212, four-place, Diamond Catana look-alike.
Engines: Thielert Centurion 135HP, Lycoming O-320 150HP, O-360 180HP
Cruise speed at 8000 feet and 75% power: between 126 and 137 knots
Take off roll: between 270 and 225 meters (720 - 885 ft.)
That's all folks. That's the difference between a 135HP turbodiesel and a 180HP avgas engine.
I think I'm going to be very happy with my Mercedes Benz A Class / Thielert Centurion 1.7 liter / ~120HP engine.
It's all Greek to me

The above is greek to me too!

How did they get all of those engines on the same plane. Certainly, if each engine were on a different plane, they would have generated three individual sets of data for compairison. It is important to make sure that you are compairing apples to apples in that the propellors must be matched to the engine and airframe, the engines with roughly the same time on them and similar maintainence history, weights of the planes (with pilots), CG of the craft, climatic conditions (temp Baro pressureand how the measurements wind conditions (for takeoff) were taken.

Unless these factors are standardized, the data is meaningless.. perhaps thats why they didn't publish (if they didn't) the individual data, or the experimental parameters that should have been part of the test.

This is not to cast any dispursions on the potential of the Diesels that you are looking at, they may indeed perfectly matched. It is only to stimulate your quest for accurate compairisons.

efaristo (sp??)
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