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Originally Posted by neverquit
Kumi....get to plane building and buy a high time Lyco. Lots of nights in between for data calculations. When you're ready I'll come out and help with the diesel. It's like college. By the time you're half way through, you've changed your major three times.
Neverquit, I'm sure I'll change my engine choice not only three but probably thirteen times by the time I'll find something suitable. It all depends on what becomes available on the market. Just not a Lycoming, not even as a joke. Just look what less than two thousand Euro buys:
wrecked car less than one year old, with a 2.0 liter 113HP turbodiesel and all kinds of nifty gadgets , like power steering, power windows, alloy wheels, practically new tires etc. to find some use for in th Cozy or sell to lower the total cost.
Originally Posted by neverquit
Forget Paris nightlife (piss n perfume) and get across the border. Do an overnight in Rome and pig out on pasta, wine, and gilotto for half the price. Feel great for the ferry home the next day.
I wish I could forego Paris nightlife too, but I'm taking a friendly couple along, who have never been to Paris, so a short visit is obligatory. The highlight of the tour, for me at least, will be the visit to the Montpellier Aero-Club with their world famous "Nid des Canards" (The Canards Nest) with five to ten canard planes to drool over. Roma tip duly noted. Just imagine, in the future, with the Cozy III completed, Italy will be just around the corner for me, a two hours flight away. Talk about the proverbial hundred dollar pizza in Pizza
It's all Greek to me

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