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I voted "Off" too, but I'm closer than I've ever been to building. I've got my plans and I'm in the middle of upgrading my shop. My wife is more on board than ever. I've shed many of my other time commitments to make building possible.

Unfortunately, my daughter's health problems have necessitated a chain reaction of events that have put a serious crimp on our available money situation for the extended foreseeable future. Ironically, it was her health problems that caused me to start looking into building a plane in the first place, to make extended family visits more bearable and commonplace.

I had plans on kicking into high gear with completion of the plane in less than two years from start. Now it looks like I'll be taking the long road and competing with Mr. Parkins for the low-dollar resourcefulness crown to get to the same place, eventually.

I hate to be a bummer, as there are a few people here dealing with much greater hardships and persevering. I can look on the bright side that I'm young (relatively) and that I will start the build someday when my situation improves enough. Taking time to do things right can benefit with lower costs in the end, as avionics will become more capable and cheaper, by the time I need to install them. Unfortunately, the price of fiberglass has doubled over the last 12 years, and it may continue upwards riding the cost of oil, but I plan on buying most, if not all of the glass upfront. Perhaps by the time I need to commit to an engine, Mr. Slade's turbo rotary may be well proven with over 1000 hours on the Hobbs. I hope to be at that point a lot sooner than that.

-- Len
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