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Originally Posted by adouglas
Since I don't need to travel and since my car gets better fuel economy than a Cozy, it doesn't matter how expensive oil gets. It's still cheaper for someone like me not to own an airplane.
If you don't need to travel then it doesn't make any difference what plane you build (or buy). I'm building for traveling efficiency.

I have two cars that my family can fit into. One of them gets 30 mpg, but has little cargo space, and the other gets 18 mpg, but can fit everything we need for a long trip plus our dogs. Now I know that I can't fit my dogs and everything in a Cozy, and it will probably average about 18 mpg, so why do I want to bother?

Time! It takes between five and seven hours to drive to the grandparents, while both sets are about an hour and a half away by air at Cozy speeds. To me, that's 3-1/2 to 5-1/2 hours each way that I am not cramped in to get 12 mpg better. Even with the awful price of gas right now, we still opt for the less efficient car for long trips, because it is comfortable for the amount of time that you are held captive. The Cozy will be more efficient for us because it gives us more time to do something other than travel to destinations.

While my value of time spent with the extended family can vary like the stock market, it is almost always higher than the cost of gas to get there.

-- Len
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