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Originally Posted by John Slade View Post
RV's are assembled. Canards are built.
I made personal modifications to the first part I assembled on my RV-10,,,,,,a servo operated rudder trim system. Not part of the kit or in the plans. Believe me,,,,there are plenty areas to add the personal touch to the RV aircraft! Its a lot more than just assembling "parts". A lot of the materials in the RV kit are raw and need extensive work and fabrication to get to the point of assembly,,,,similiar to the composite method of construction. Granted,,,the mechanical parts in the RV kits are all welded and powder coated,,,,ready for installation. Most Cozy builders also purchase their metal fabrications pre-fabricated by someone else. A very few,,like myself, fabricated their own from raw materials. Being someone that is building both types of aircraft,,,I can state based on personal experiance that there is no difference in personal satisfaction from assembling a Cozy part or an RV part. It ALL feels good in the end!
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