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Default Re: conversation with Nat

Originally Posted by David Clifford View Post
I made personal modifications to the first part I assembled on my RV-10,,,,,I can state based on personal experiance that there is no difference in personal satisfaction from assembling a Cozy part or an RV part. It ALL feels good in the end!
You know, life is funny sometimes. I went to my first EAA local chapter meeting the month after Oshkosh 2001 when I'd just placed an order for my Velocity. I introduced myself and shared that we'd placed the kit order, it would be delivered in a few months, blah blah blah, and had a well-meaning gentleman come up to me during the social period and tell me that I didn't want to do that canard thing, "they're quite dangerous you know" and that "the RV is the single most popular kit ever made" over and over and over, stressing how many local builders could be used as a resource, whatever. Now I like the RVs, and actually am helping a dear friend with his RV-10 now, but I had ordered and was damn well going to build the Velocity, but no matter how many times I reitereated, "yea, I've already ordered the Velocity..." he wouldn't be deterred. But you gotta love the passion. But I don't belong to that chapter any more.

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