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Default Re: Rough River 2007

Originally Posted by Dust View Post
Aiman - you buildin?
YES. Current status: Chapter 4 complete. Ordered the Chapter 5-7 kits from AS&S.

Also: Started ground school, and Joined Local EAA chapter (going to a meeting TONIGHT in fact) I wanna recruit people for a 'plane day' once every other week. I really need to get the project in high gear. My life has become a bit more stable, thankfully, so I can devote a LOT more time to this endeavour.

Since we last met, I: Sold my company, took on a full time job, changed full time jobs, and am in the process of starting a company that, let's say... has something to do with composites (nope, not aircraft). Sold my house, looking for a shop to continue the build in (maybe my EAA chapter house). Also, I am in the process of getting my 'blog based' Cozy site back online.

whew. what an update.
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