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Default MG Tab layup

Last night I started the MG tabs. All UNI and BID was pre-cut, 25 UNI and 20BID as per the layup schedule. BID being .013 thick and UNI being .009 should yield a .485 layup thickness. "No way hose saye". After the layup I had, maybe, a 3/8" thick tab. What gives? The layup was exact, no more- no less than 45 plys. The M drawing showed almost a 1/2 inch thick outer tap thickness. In the heat of the moment I added another 5 plys of BID, 25 total, for a tab thickness of 7/16".

I'm wetting out the 5 plys on 4 mil plastic and squeeging (sp) out excess resin (MGS 335 @ 95*). Am I pressing too hard? Why is the tab so thin? The extra 5 plys - good, not good? Will hold off on the other side 'till I get a response.

Jerry HiGeez Preiser
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