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Originally Posted by HiGeez View Post
I'm wetting out the 5 plys on 4 mil plastic and squeeging (sp) out excess resin (MGS 335 @ 95*). Am I pressing too hard? Why is the tab so thin? The extra 5 plys - good, not good? Will hold off on the other side 'till I get a response.
I agree with John. You're just pressing too hard. The thickness number is just a guideline for an 'average' wet-out and squeegee technique. You can compress it quite a bit beyond that guideline.

Whenever the plans called for a specific thickness for a layup, I used a trick I've seen on others' Web sites. Put pieces of 1/4" (or whatever) foam or plywood on each side of the layup, and put a flat board or other surface and some weights on top. It will give you an exact thickness when you're done. For layups that you can't do on your table, you can clamp the spacers between boards on either side.
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