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the CFI was telling our passenger in the back that I was doing a fine job of looking out the window for other aircraft and not getting seduced by all the gadgetry, which most people do -- probably because I deal with technology all day and am not impressed by gadgetry, he opined.
he said that most people end up head-down far too much because of all the whizbang.

but the truth was that there was no point in trying to learn a G1000 WHILE IN THE AIR, what with all the rest of the workload a pilot has (or at least, that this pilot has), and I had an expert sitting next to me, so I just let him run it, and I focused only on the primary instruments that I was vaguely familiar with because of flying the 777 in Flight Simulator.


me, I'm waiting for the system that has only a 39-pin connector that you can plug into the socket in the back of your head and fly by merely thinking about it.
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