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Just a question- whats wrong halogen lighting? No ballasts/exciterz to deal with. I am using 4 separate 55 watt halogen lights facing forward- two in the nose facing forward as landing lights and two on the strakes ends facing slightly downward as taxi lights....[the strake lights face downward a few degrees as the taxi lights to avoid the bounce/reflection off the canard. This is to be my setup.
Total of 200+ watts of illumination and no weird elec interferance or high heat buildup.
These are 48.00 a pair for off road style nicely built [read sexy/snarky] white/blue halogen lights that really blast out my garage and driveway with light. [and only two hooked up] I tried them when I was building my cell-cast acrylic nose light openings. WOW!
Looks simple to me, Hot Dang bright and readily available, easy to mount. Why the complicated HID envy? They are really HOT I think?!!!
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