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Originally Posted by neverquit
Good point Dennis. Can you get Halogens equally as bright and equally that small? The off road style I priced those at $400 a pair at the auto parts store. Unless you're talking the Wall Mart type which are not bright enough.

I'm assuming the HID is the same as Xenon type?
I didnt do a side by side test- What I did do was hook them up to my 12 volt converter and that night and just two of em[not the four I will install] rivaled my mecedes' headlights...which light seemed fantastically powerful to me. I guess I am thinking that my choice so far exceeds the plans design that it is a completly moot point.[at least to me]. Sometimes in the quest for figuring all the tweeks a guy can do to the working plans design- everybody gets all worked up about 'possible improvments'[me included]...espeshally the guys who arent building and just farting around with hypothetical ideas that get everybody new to building confused.[its the nature of a plans buit plane. If you want to look for something amazingly brighter then it probably is out there! Have fun!
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