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Default One source right off ...

Phil Johnson's website is the one I read over ... he made a good stand for his decision after which I looked up the Subie EG33 on the internet ... very impressive even for a car engine in my opinion but lacking the redundancy of the 13b.

There was another that is already flying in a Cozy EG33 configuration and very recently ... don't think it was Phil though. As a matter of fact he just finished his initial 40 hrs maybe a week ago and seems very happy with the EG33. First landing was 15' short, pulled too many amps on TO after starting out with the master on overnight and popped the CB (trying to recharge the batt I think) and never caught it till it was almost to late. Did some damage to the AC but he fixed it pretty quickly per his site. I believe his 50amp CB was to low and that fix was fairly straight forward. Cooling issues seem have been around a vapor lock and the overflow cracking at the weld ... he did have a custome rad built and all seems to be going fine as I could tell ... hopefully he will post again soon.