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Default EG33 twin turbo Subaru

We have the engine and have fabbed a new intake manifold and Toyota alternator mount so far. Planning engine mount cradle now. Have Marcotte redrive on order now and MT C/S prop. About to start on the tail construction of the aircraft as well.

Applying all the lessons (many) learned on our 4 cylinder turbo Subaru powered RV6A which is flying now with almost 80 hours on it. We hope to see a cruise of 190-200 knots at 18,000 feet on the RV10.

I'm interested in any flight data on cooling, turbo and intercooler performance from anyone else, rotary or piston. Very interested in what John is doing.

Originally Posted by JohnZ
This may sound stupid but I never considered turbo charging the EG33 ... how far along are you? What kind of info are you looking at?