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Default Re: Hello from Charlotte

Originally Posted by mquinn6 View Post
Just joioned and am contemplating a Q2/Q200. Have worked with a couple different people in the area with Cozy crafts. Worked on a few metal crafts (RV and Mustang), even made sawdust on a KR2 (fus.).

Have always liked the looks of the Quickie design and think I need to get off my butt! Almost went with a old once flying Dragonfly that my brother picked up - but it has been setting in the weather for the last 5 or 7 years and do not want to inherit someone elses flaws (will make enough on my own thank you...).


the Dragonfly and the Q birds, although similar in appearance are really different creatures. I suggest that if this is the type of craft that you are looking for that you fly/fly in each to determine what fits your needs. there is an annual tandem wing fly-in in Kansas or MO coming up in October, I think-- Get to it and get a ride in each.
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