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Default Narrowed it down to 2

Hi Folks,

So it's been a while since I've posted. I've been busy both working and not working.

In any case, I'm now working on chapter 14 of my cozy project, and I'm giving more thought to the engine. I believe I have narrowed it down to 2 choices. The first is the Superior XP-400. The second is the Delthawk DH200A4. I have been considering pro's and cons of each, and summerized it as such:

Pro's: Install should be fairly close to stock, with only minor modifications needed. Air cooled simplicity. Fairly decent power (220hp). Vast parts availability.
Con's: Higher fuel burn to go with higher power output. High rebuild cost. 4 stroke, 4 cylinder vibrations.

Pro's: Turbonormalized making rated HP to 18k feet. Uses cheaper Jet-A. Lower BSFC. 2 stroke 4 cylinder should be smoother. Lower (supposedly) overhaul cost. No valvetrain or ignition failures.
Con's: Supercharger and turbocharger add complexity. Water cooling adds complexity. Limited parts availability. Will likely require moderate install changes (cowling and plumbing). Unproven in the field.

I would love some input on things I've overlooked. For example one of my friends pointed out, that if Deltahawk were to go out of business after a few years, how would I obtain parts? Clearly Superior has been in business longer, and has a longer track record.


John Basol
Big Lake, MN
N204TF - Chapter 14
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