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Originally Posted by Dust View Post
ok 1st column is deltahawk.38 and lycoming is .42 (we know that with good procedures you can get that to .38 also, but, never mind that

HP for HP they are near identical, 10% (.42-.38) difference

where is this great savings comin from?
How expensive is Jet A vs AvGas?

No valvetrain or ignition systems to maintain, heads are integral to the cylinder cases so no headgaskets/bolts to be concerned with. You do have the supercharger to maintain on the DH.

I looked over their Velocity when I was at Oshkosh in 2005.

I'm following their progress as best I can. By the time I need to decide on an engine I'm hoping there will be some at/near 2000hrs. Same for a Renesis rotary. Right now I'm leaning towards a 13b with a turbo.
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