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Just info- but I had checked[in my past quest for ponypower]. The XP400SRE uses a 10:1 set of pistons which drastically reduce TBO, to achieve that 250hp. Superiors website wont even let you pull up TBO's...but Maybe Ken Miller with his famous award winning long eze might have an idea-as he has 10:1 pistons in his bird- but I dropped the SRE idea like a hot potatoe.
Mute point....everybody typically wants to get 2000hours. [except you auto-conversion guyz/galz]...[actually how do you alt engine folks figger TBO?]
Is it TBFU...T.ime B.efore F.eeling U.ncomfortable ?

I think you all are looking to get extended engine 'life' beyond 2000 hours, is what I mean.
Build the dream, Fly the dream.
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