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Default Not just another plane day.

Actually without a regular plane day update (I'm an addict); I thought I'd post about my Saturday. Actually, it not just about another plane day; it's was my house day.

My father somehow talked a neighbor out of about 1,000 pavers they were taking up from a sidewalk. The load had set by my garage all winter. I recruited most of our families to help get them laid. So we brided everyone with food and got some work done. Even a good friend from church showed up without being asked!!

They guys worked on the patio and side walk all day, while the ladies scraped and repainted some the windows.

Life is good!!

That is me actually laying the pavers (one of the few I actually laid). Kurt, my friend from church handing them to me. Adam, my brother-in-law, grabing the pavers out of the tractor and handing them to Kurt. My sister & mother-in-law in the background doing who knows what. That's my Dad with the hat and my father-in-law working on digging the sidewalk out. Several other family members are out of the picture.

All in all everyone had lots of fun, good food, and is satisfied with a good hard days work.

Now I'm exhausted.
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