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Default Steve Parkins' Plane day

Steve and I exchanged some PM last Sat and as it turns out I was looking at Steve and he at me when I was admiring Hiroo's Velocity at the Arlington Fly-In last Sat. Arrr!

But Steve invited me to a "plane day" at his "hanger" (home garage) last Sunday and I went. Steve's about 72 miles from my home on the other side of Puget Sound.

On arrival, I recognized him from the Fly-in and went "duh"!

Steve has a really neat garage, three doors, two in front and one in the back, with a larger garage/workshop further back in his back yard! I couldn't help but drool at his setup.

His Cozy was upside down and we laid up some foam at the strakes/fuselage joints to bury the stump wells. and we managed to have the right one completed and the left one all foamed up and partly shaped when we called it quit for the night. It's pretty easy work, makes me think I can actually build a Cozy within a reasonable time frame! I guess all those boat building experience stood me in good stead!

During the build-up I cut and shaped some plywood end pieces to go on the aft end of the foams to have some hard points there. Very nice plywood, hated to cut it!

First picture is the right strake (upside down) starting the foam buildup. Second picture is the left strake during the build-up and before shaping (we added a few more foam pieces first). Third picture is Steve putting the finishing touch to the foam shaping on the right strake before covering with BID. The Areomarine epoxy went on nicely and we spread it with no problem.

Steve and I also did a couple experiments (I'll post those in other threads).

I'll tell you this much for sure, I have learned a lot and had a blast! I'll go back again. Steve's a pretty cool guy!
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