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I used Burt Rutans/John Roncz's R1145M Long EZ Special Performance Canard Plans as per Shirl Dickey's plans (modifications).

----> Yes, we simply call it the Roncz canard. That's opposed to the GU canard (Glasgow University) originally spec'd for the Long-EZ.

I am wondering if the "finished" canard must have the "E" and "F" templates fit around the canard with points A & B just touching?

-----> I couldn't get mine to touch either. Other builders have reported the same "no touch" thing. Just ensure the upper surface and lower surface contours match the templates. Shape is critical.

Has anyone had to lengthen their elevators or build "optional root fairings"?

-----> The Cozy IV elevators are built long then cut to fit the fuselage. We don't lengthen them. You really want your elevators to be long enough to be within one inch or so of the fuselage. If you must lengthen them, then do so. Just ensure they balance correctly (for flutter concerns).

Is there anywhere on the web where I could find information on how to complete a static load test on the canard?

----> I'm curious, why? You must distribute the shot bags correctly for the load test to have real meaning. RAF once loaded a non-airworthy canard to 13.2 g's before it failed. The second GU canard twisted at or above 16 g's and all the shot bags fell off. Take a look at the complete story, "Testing a Canard to Failure", can be found at this link.
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