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Default Re: Nylaflow question

Originally Posted by HiGeez View Post

They're stuck! And yes, it's the brake lines. Went to Lowes this weekend and the only brass inserts were for 1/4 line and bigger but not for 3/16 (with a .138 I.D.). Sooooo, do I chance a leak? Running another line(s), this time Nylo-seal, will be a PITA, not to mention additional $$$$$. I'm gonna try the 2030-4 Weatherhead brass iserts first. The ACS part number also has a * next to it indicating it's used on Long-EZ aircraft. They used the Nylaflow tubing, didn't they?

Thanks for the input.


I believe you are right about burt using flow in the Long.

I don't think, however it is stiff enough to use without a bushing. Best to call ACS and ask them, or better yet, find the manufacturer (ACS will either give it to you or call them themselves to get the info.) You can also call Matco. You might even be able to get away with using a brass tube from a hobby shop. The OD of the insert is critical, the ID less so. There is very little fluid transfer.
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