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Steve Parkins and I did an experiment while I was in his "hanger" last Sunday.

We took a piece of completed fiberglass/PVC foam layup that Steve cut off from his strakes and set it up with a heater radiating heat on it as shown in the picture below.

We used a calibrated IR temperature sensor to measure the temp. Steve held it really close to the surface to make sure we're not measuring something else.

After a couple minutes the outside surface temp was 178 degrees (F), inside temp was 118 degrees (F) and the core (before drilling) was 86 degrees.

We left it for about an hour and came back and remeasured. Outside temp was 172 degrees, inside was still 118 degrees and Steve drilled a hole in the leading edge core foam and the temp was 123 degrees (all F).

We checked the foam to fiberglass laminate and could not peel it apart. We tried crushing it with our fingers and couldn't tell the difference between hot and cold crush. The foam might have gotten soft, but it was hard to tell the difference, if any.

I guess we'll need someone to make up a piece of foam laminate and paint it flat black and leave it out in the southern sun for, oh say, six months to a year and see what happens.

Anyone in the desert willing to do such a test?

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