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Originally Posted by John Slade View Post

As you sit in front of your PC reading this, ask yourself "Why am I wasting these 6 minutes? I could be building!"
Because I am lucky enough to be albe to scan the net while on patrol. Internet access in the patrol car is soooo cool. It even helps in police work

But John, I AGREE completly. Some seem to be more interested in watching another episode of "Gilligan's Island" for the SEVENTH time than be productive. I do have a TV in the hangar, an older big sceen w/ direct TV (havn't hooked up Tivo yet) but it is mostly for the S/O to watch while she is out there (how much Paula Dean, What not to wear, Extreme Makeover and SEX IN THE CITY can one woman watch?....Hell, it keeps her mostly content allowing me to build). I must conceed, I will have Star Treks, Dirty Jobs or Mythbusters (or something simuliar) playing in the background as I build.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, it is how we choose to use them which varies.

I just sent my ECU and EM back to Tracy Crook at Real World Solutions so he could update both units. I could use this as an excuse to not build...while I waited, but there is so much other productive building that can be done. Also, not working on the engine for a while (hopefuly I wont have to wait for the updates too long) and focusing on other parts of the plane will provide a nice change. I may actually start trying to make some stuff look prettier FWIW.

All the best,

Chris Barber
Houston, Texas
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