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Default This, from the designer....

"My unit does the corrections and you can adjust it, but where it comes short is where you have rough air or large disruptions. The latest version of the software that I tried used an adaptive control called PID that worked better by adjusting the response better on the fly.

My unit it totally controlled by the software which I was improving as I tested it. The Basic Stamp II cpu has a very limited memory for the software. Luckily the Basic Stamp II is so popular that there are are other cpu's that plug into the same socket.

It was fun to try to come up with a unit that I could work on and didn't cost a bunch of money."

Sounds like he may have solved some of the problems. The parts are less than $200 so I'll try one and get back to the forums.
Thanks for the input.

PS: Wayne, what type of box or enclosure was your in?
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