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Default Re: Fuel Pump - 210 HP Continental

WELDON, weldon pump is the pump, finally found the pump mfg. and they referred me to, Ean

He was the same guy i talked to two or so years ago, even sent me the same fax of the pump that i had lost. they are in canada ad i remembered talkin to someone in canada.

I also emailed Buly to get his input and he used the exact same one.

24V, 45PSI, 30 GPH , sucks 26 inches dry, made for pass through when not in use and rated for continuos duty.

Meets all the specs that i need

He even advised me on how to install to prevent cavitation, life is good, hard to find a properly sized pump, hot rod and marine ones simply pump too much, 50, 60, 70 GPH snd they would create too much heat and draw extra power. In this case, bigger is not better, the right size is better

Now i can plumb from the tanks to the fire wall, WAHHOO
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