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Originally Posted by Spodman
Mike Melvill has about as much experience of these things as anybody, I've read he recommends rocking the wings.
Ahh, when I was shown a fully-stalled wing, and told "ok, now add a great lump of down-aileron to the most stalled side", with which I was greeted with quickly accelerating blur of rotating blue and white, rapidly turning to also including flashes of green and brown. Of course, I wasnt familiar with this new modus operandus, so I shrugged at my instructor, who rectified the situation after struggling with it for some 35 seconds, and swearing quite forcefully at it, but he didnt appear that versed in it either. Actually, I did wonder for some time if he was swearing at the plane, or at me. Anyway, he looked a bit ashen so I volunteered to finish-up for the day, which was gratefully recieved. So I always take care not to abruptly pull a control surface when it is already stressed, and I would be tempted to not waggle a wing while it were stalled, lest it not wave but slap your ear hard, but hey, likely my inexperience is showing.

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