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Originally Posted by Dust
youall say - it is perfect, change it and you will die.
Can you point to ONE person or ONE posting where anyone said that? Either the "perfect" part OR the "change it and die" part?

Certainly there are certain SPECIFIC changes that could cause someone to state that "if you do that you'll have a much higher chance of something failing", but no one has said "change anything and you'll die". Not even close.

Setting up a ridiculous straw man just to knock him down doesn't accomplish anything for your argument.

Originally Posted by Dust
BTW, Not a pilot
Nor an engineer, or aerodynamicist, nor structural analyst, nor logician, nor .....

Do you really think that John Slade, Wayne Hicks, tnt, and myself are all idiots? I know you think I'm an idiot, but could ALL of us possibly be idiots at the same time?
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