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Originally Posted by Marc Zeitlin
Nor an engineer, or aerodynamicist, nor structural analyst, nor logician, nor .....

I know you think I'm an idiot, but could ALL of us possibly be idiots at the same time?
Correct I am none of those, but, I am fully capable of looking at the available information and making a decision. But, I like to look at all of the info, not just what I like.

Most of the information I have available to me is anecdotal.

this guy hit a prop, then we find out others have done the same! The original nose gear had weak teeth so in a bad landing with excessive shimmy, the teeth failed and the nose ground off a little, now the elec nose retracts are more robust so in the same situation, the bulk heads break. I have heard of 2 instances. I have modified my plane

I don't think you are an idiot, I think you are pompous and i think you have a few agendas that are opposite mine. You give out information to insult, not to educate. I barely read your posts as there is little to be gained, except bare tine morsels that can almost be used. I chuckle when you actually give useful info, like the radius of the fairing for intersection drag.

Now, instead of attacking me, why not look at the thoughts and ideas, instead of just dismissing them and deriding me.

I wish your email group had fostered discussion on improvements when i religiously followed it the first year or two of my build, I would have a slightly better plane. That is in my opinion.

It did not foster new ideas and in fact after a few years the conversations had become so routine and mundane that you even stopped archiving them as nothing new was being discussed.

Shortly after I started to support the previous forum, I talked to Nat and suggested that he not join as we were discussing various ways to modify the plane and I did not wish to cause him anger or frustration.

I highly respect Nat and consider him a friend and wish him peaceful, content years, not frustrating years.

You know allot but, sadly, have done nothing with it on your Cozy except change the brakes, buy aero canard strakes and one other item that escapes my memory for the moment. In my opinion your knowledge has frozen your ability to use it. Your mind is closed to any change as represented in your bird and your words.

As i learn the things that can be done to tweak the cozy it blows my mind that they were not discussed years ago, as they were known. Any such discussion was quashed

It aggravates me to find out you can get slightly better take off performance with an extended by one inch nose gear, better cross wind performance by enlarging the rudders (nats are 3" larger than plans - thank you drew) these are changes that are too late in the build for me. Not for others.

I will not be quashed and I will foster new thoughts and try my very best not to attack the person, just the idea.
Enjoy the build,njut av byggandet, godere il costruire, nyd bygningen, geniesse den Bau, apolafse tin kataskevi, disfrute la construcción, curta a construção, Pidä hauskaa rakentamisen parissa, bouw lekker,uživaj grade?inaslajdaites postroikoi, geniet die bou

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