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I don't think for one minute that anybody with any sense whatsoever is going to make the first flight testing the very edge of all the discussions we have on this forum.

We all (or most of us that have been flying) know that the prudent thing to do will be to make the first flight light. Then and only then will the progress to
different flight parameters including increased front seat loading be done.

While in this process and long before any quoted numbers here of front seat
weights, the "feel" of this loading will be determined i.e. as the weight increases the elevator authority "feel" will be known.

That being said, if there is anybody that would insist on being so stuborn as to make the first flight loaded to the max or built their way just to prove their point should do so at an airport with a cemetary off the end of the runway.

I don't believe Dust is one of these people nor do I believe he has a magic flute that makes everybody with a brain say "But Dust says so"

Dust understands what CG is all about as most of us do. What he doesn't understand or know is what this feels like. 440 is just a number. With 800 hp
it may even be a workable number everything else being equal.

Put the Cosy on top of Saturn V booster platform and you won't even need the canard.
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