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Originally Posted by Northman View Post
I really feel like a complete noob asking this, but I poked around quite a bit and never saw this specific question anywhere.

I'm aware of the CG issues inherent in the Long-EZ design, but is it possible to make a (theoretically) safe modification to allow for a steerable fixed nose gear? Honestly, if I wanted retracts, I'd go full retract. I love the Long-EZ's design, but the hybrid approach to the landing gear really bothers me.

Given a long nose design and 50 pounds of ballast (for sake of argument) can a fixed nose gear be realistically done?

An alternate idea that I was kicking arouind -- a steerable nose gear system, but with a pinned lower shaft that can be removed -- the nose is kept dropped, but when you fly it, you lift it, install the nose gear (and retaining pin -- Clevis, maybe?) and off you go.
It could be done. you can fly a long eze all day without raising the nose gear. the plane flys just fine, a little slower but there is no wheel pant to help in drag. the nose strut is a bit long to have down the whole time. the problem is it has to retract to store the plane, nose down. so that being the case why not retract it during flight and leave the ugly wheel pant at home.
as for the streerable nose wheel I have to say WHY? what the h#ll for? I will ask, have you flown or flown in a long or cozy? with over 600 hours and 500 landings and takeoffs in ezes I have yet to need a steerable nose wheel and I am sure most other owners will agree.

as for the removable nose gear, how will that look on the flight line when you have to remove the gear and everyone else just pushes a button and the nose is lowered. look mom no hands. the electric nose lift works great in a long eze as well as a cozy. you won't have to worry about 007 stealing your long eze. he will go for the one with the push button lift and off you go.
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