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The reason for a steerable nosewheel is simple: I'm used to it. I can see how relying on differential braking would work just fine, though.
This seems to be a big predictor as to whether people like pivot vs. steerable, what they've flown to date. I fly Katana's so I'm used to pivot and love the ability to turn the plane on a dime, especially as rwy 04 at YOW requires me to do my runup pretty much on the taxiway, I can get turned into the wind, and turn back out, without going anywhere. I worry about crosswind landings and such if I ever were flying steerable, but I probably shouldn't, I'd learn...

I'd bet after a bit of taxi-ing a pivot nosewheel, you'd be just as comfortable with it. Before you embark on such a mod, might be worthwhile to find a type with pivot nosegear and try it - you just might like it.

The retract nose gear is a concern for me. I suppose I'll just build the Wright (or equivalent) electrical easy lift into my plane from the start, and build in some rock solid warning systems.
Electric from the start is a lot of peoples' plan, including mine. Remember that while not what you *want* to do, a (nose) gear up in a cozy/long usually isn't disasterous, just embarassing. Read peoples sites, and you'll find that it's happened to a fair number of flyers, but generally without huge damage, so it's not like you're trashing your engine on a gear up (assuming it's just the nose) All told, plans plus electric lift is a pretty good compromise.
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