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Originally Posted by Dennis Passey
Just a question- whats wrong halogen lighting? No ballasts/exciterz to deal with.
The general consensus among auto lights is that a HID light will produce “two to three times the light of halogens while using one-third less energy.” (Consumer I Googled this topic, and the first few pages I found reiterated the same theme.

This scenario, I assume, is the same for Creative-Air, as he offers a 35-Watt HID as a direct replacement for a 75-Watt Halogen.

Why this is somewhat important to some of us is that the HID’s produces more lumens/watt than a respective Halogen bulb. This allows us to fit a HID into a smaller profile without concerns of heat.

That said I seriously doubt the Halogen would pose a problem. HID’s are so efficient however, that they seem cool to the touch. And this would be one less thing to ever worry about if I were to stick a bulb in the wing or canard.

That said I’ll be installing halogens in the nose.
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