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Originally Posted by David Clifford
It was kinda warm today, about 20*F. Oh well... at least it was warmer that yesterday by about 15*F We started at about 9:30, had a short break for lunch, then finished up the move by 3:00, closed the doors and started the furnace back up Got back into building airplanes and built some shelves. Dust will build a work table and Mr. LeFluer will build a lay-up table so he can start his plane and stop working on ours!!! We ARE spoiled rotten
Spoiled rotten is dead on! Wow, I had NO Idea it was that large - and now I may be in real trouble guys - my wife saw the pics and wants one just like it. She says I can have one too on the other side of the driveway!

Here I'm trying to talk her down from 100 acres, and now she wants half of that indoors!
You do realize you could fit my entire shop inside almost 4 times?

Question though, what height are your ceilings? They look to be 10'+?

Great shop - I'm completely jealous!

Is there a second floor also for storage etc? Or just more space?

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