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Default Re: Rotary Engine Mounts

Originally Posted by Cozy Girrrl View Post
Dear Lynn,
Instead of stretching a Cozy, I keep waiting for someone to take the Defiant plans, put two Lycomings or subarus on the back, put "pleasing shape" nose on it (oh god that would look so cool, like the new cessna Mustang jet, stretched appropriatly to make ether a very comfy 4 passenger or 6 passenger mini starship out of it. Ooohhhh all that fuel space.
A big comfy cross country machine =)
Leave the aero parts alone, oh ok blend the winglets to be snarky, just put a new fuselage on it. (way too much room for improvement there)
Yes, we are going to finish the Cozy, just a lot of parts need to be manufactured all at once right now.
Coming to RR?
Regards, Chrissi & Randi
I saw several Defiants at Osh this year. Very cool to see them in real life.

I would prefer a counter-rotating prop setup to two horizontally separated props. It's been done once on a Cozy already. A pair of 13B?
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