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Apropos to this... I've got an instrument panel question for those far enough along to have fitted the canopy...

This relates to the Cozy IV:
How important is it to follow the plans top profile curve of the instrument panel? I ask because I'm considering using something like the EFIS/Sport (i.e. a "portrait" oriented screen) centred on each pilot, and that particular implimentation is taller than would fit in the part of the panel directly in front of the front seats;

basically, I'm wondering if I can carry the widen the higher area in the centre so that it extends out to about 25 or 26 inches wide instead of the plans 14.5" wide, and lower that whole raised area by 1/2-3/4" - then rejoin the plans profile outboard of this?

Craig K.
Cozy IV Plans #1457 - Building Chapter Six!
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