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Originally Posted by MarbleTurtle View Post
You may want to check out the CozyGirrrls website. They fit 2 BMA EFIS One displays on the panel, and those are larger than the EFIS Sport... ass-u-ming you meant BMA EFIS Sport and not some other brand.
Unfortunately while larger, they aren't taller - the sports are taller - I rather like the idea of a three display panel, portrait in the middle for map or whatever (possible driven off a non-critical computer running a commercial OS), and the dedicated two displays, then use the space on the side for radios (left) and breakers (right)... or something along those lines.

Thanks for the input on the panel taper - question, if I build the panel oversize now, is it realistic to trim it to shape when it comes time to do the canopy (allowing me to put off the question of whether to do an alternate canopy)?
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