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Originally Posted by Leon View Post
Good one, Leon. I'm going to put that in my airframe logbook when I finally replace my O-200.

Since Karoliina has graciously allowed us to hijack her picture thread and turn it into an A&P discussion on Diamond aircraft and Thielert engines , I'm curious about what you two Diamond/Thielert drivers think of the DA-42 crash in Germany last month.

They reportedly had a dual engine failure after liftoff when they went to retract the gear. ??? Sounds like battery the was bad (they started the engines w/ ground power... which is against standard op procedure per the report I read) and they lost all electrical power as soon as the retract motors engaged. Bad day.

Thielert blames it on Diamond ("an airframe issue" ... whatever that means) and Diamond blames it on Thielert ("and engine issue").

I suppose it isn't uncommon for an engine to quit if electrical goes south (our Rotax 914 won't run without the electric fuel pumps). Just wondering what the electrical dependency is on these engines and what, if anything, you've been instructed to do different in your normal/everyday use of the Diamond/Thielert in response to the accident.

Care to wager on who is going to get saddled with the blame?

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