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Default Greetings to all!

First I want to thank Dust for getting me hooked up so that I can now post. I must have missed my activation e-mail.

I have been an aviation enthusiast for as long as I can remember. You know how it is... everytime you hear a plane, you find yourself looking up to see what kind it is?
In about 1993 I had my ground school completed and close to 50 hours of flight time. I then got side tracked when I caught the racing bug and never finished my pilots license. I know... Stupid, stupid stupid!!!!!
Currently still racing, although I am thinking more and more of making a major hobby change with in the next two years. I have a rather large garage that is unfortunately filled with "projects". Look up the word Packrat in the dictionary and you will see my picture!! Its time for the projects to go.

My brother seems very interested in becoming a partner in this endeavor.
We have not yet decided on which aircraft to build. I like the Aerocanard/ Cozy but have concerns about weight and how tight the seating will be. I am 5'11'',225lbs with a 36" waist and 34" inseam. My brother is 6' , 220lbs with about the same leg length. I read that there is a 400 pound front seat limit. Is this structural or for CG? Looks like a few builders a currrently building wider to solve a bit of the fit problem. Maybe we will get the chance to sit in one to see if there is a size problem.

I have really enjoyed reading through many of the web sites of builders in this forum. I commend those who have finished their builds and encourage those still in the trenches.

Jeffrey Wellum D.C.
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