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(6) Steve Wright says to "be careful" (his words, not mine) when trying to compare the Stagger-EZ to the Long-EZs and Cozies. While there are many similarities in the airframes (like location of wings and things), there are also many differences. Until the types can be compared with head-to-head fly-offs, "you're just comparing apples to oranges." (again, his words. Not mine.)
This already known fact is the only good piece of information here. Thanks for posting to the rest of us another wasted finger-pointing argument about something better sent to the mythbusters or future comparisons when someone finally does the apples to apples test.

Note: If anyone wants to send me a set of main gear bow assembly metal, I'll make the change and add 6 months to my build.

The words are "a lot", not "alot". The word plces os "not", not "knot"

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