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OK, I just had a conversation with Mike Melvill about moving the main gears aft. He said that on an EZ or a Cozy built to plans, a one inch rearward movement of the mains will cause a large increase in takeoff roll. When I asked about a six inch shift, his face looked like this

He said that a few builders had shifted their Long EZ gear in the past and had accidents when they ran straight off of the runway with their mains firmly stuck to the ground.

According to Mike, Velocity increased the canard size in both cord and width to accomodate lifting a heavily balasted nose. They did this, so that you wouldn't have to move balast around when going from solo to multiple passengers. The sitting on extended gear was a side-effect and not the impetus for this change. I gathered that his opinion of this type of design change was a foolish design choice, since it lead to the occurrence of deep stalls where Burt had designed those out of the Long-EZ. On moving the mains rearward, he said that the only thing that would be affected would be the length of the takeoff roll.

-- Len
-- Len Evansic, Cozy Mk. IV Plans #1283
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