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Thumbs up I get to go!!!, I get to go!!!, I get to go!!!

I just got the approval to go to Rough River from Rebecca, (she who is all powerful in my home <wife>), I can't wait to meet all of you and see all the planes that will be there.

I will only be able to attend on Sat., as I have been graciously given limited time away. I will be flying into Louisville, (Southwest), late Friday eve., then will drive down on Saturday morning. I will have to be back on the plane early Sunday AM.

I would love to see the Lovac demo if it is on Sat., and to look at the girrrl's progress album. There are many things on your plane I am interested in trying to emulate.

Do you know that I have never even seen a Cozy in person. Some of my freinds can't believe that I am building one without actually seeing it first. One person was real interested in my build, and asked how I thought it flew compared to other GA aircraft. You should have seen his face when I told him that I have not even seen one, let alone fly in one. He thought I was absolutely nuts at that point. I guess I just know myself well enough to know what I want. I really did a lot of homework on it first.

That being said, maybe Dust can get that, "may I please have a ride" list together, so that my friends might not think I am so stupid after all. All joking aside, a ride in a cozy that Sat. would be about the neatest thing I could imagine. I would offer up my first-born, but he is a freshman in college this year, and I am sure no one would want him. As for my daughter, well, a left seat ride on the space shuttle would not be enough. She just started kindergarten this year. "Daddy's girl",... enough said.

So, I will have to just hope for the best. I will be the one with the video and digital camera going full blast, all while taking as many notes as possible. I plan on having the most informative day since I started thinking about building a plane two years ago. I can't wait.

See ya'all in 11 1/2 days!

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