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Default Locating the fuel sight gages

Originally Posted by John Slade View Post
The plans (and the airplane) are at the hangar, Dan, so I can't give you exeact measurements. Hopefully someone will. To me the gauges look a bit high in that drawing. The bottom of the gauge is just above the top of the back armrest. The gauge spans the height of the strake (obviously). Look at the plans and drawings to work out where the bottom of the top skin and the top of the lower skin will go. You want the lower hole in the gauge level close to the top of the lower skin. Also - make the flat area a bbit more than 2 inches wide to give yourself some room.

Disclaimer - its a long time since I fitted the sight gauges.
The gages in the drawing do look a bit high. Odd because the drawing I have included is a section from the actual plans. (Chapter 5, page 3, Figure 7, right portion)

Thanks for the note John. It seems like the process of typing out a question in a manner that would be clear to others ends up answering the question most of the time. Many times I have started typing out a question and then realized that I had it figured out before I could click "send."
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