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Default Re: Just Plane helping others plane helps you

And there I am, 10 houses away and I got no such call.

Thought you were still at least 10 countries away. If I didn't drop off the used cooking oil for your great trap express Mercedes and your wife telling me, I would have though you were still in China with your girlfriends. Thanks for helping sanding the first blend on Monday. My blend is AWESOME!

but you did not have in your hands special made wing blend hot wire templets and the understanding on how to do it all.
I believe Mike L. has the math aptitude to figure it out but it really is a confidence builder to see others do it before you even if others do it different. I chose Jack Morrison's method because it seemed easy enough and I have 96 photos to show how to do it. More details than the plans.

The templates were great! I'd add a half inch to the back. That did the trick. 10.5 x 10.5 x 38 inch block with a 7 inch radius in one corner along its length. Mount it parallel to all W/L's and start carving! Mike's block idea and level instead of a buch of scraps glued to thw wingtip took the "hmmm" out of the job. I was amazed that the blend was perfect and the 3 point location to the plans was dead-on. Your 0.1 deg level verified the winglets are 90 deg. to the wing.

Note to those thinking Great Stuff is good foam glue: I would not recommend it for this assembly because it expands and moves the block around. Besides there's no strength tests. I DID use the XP30 pour foam to attach the foam to the wing tips. Steve showed me if you rub the bonded pieces together it will break the expansion bubbles. You have to keep doing this for an hour so it doesn't move. I checked the stength the next morning by adding 80lbs to the end. I believe it could hold twice that much. I bonded the winglet to the foam block with micro because it gave me the time I needed for alignment and bonding to the support sticks. Two days ago I lost my balance and dropped the wing. The bondoed support sticks popped off and the winglet snapped at the blend. The pour foam attachment never flinched. I re-attached it with micro and all is well.

It would make completing this darn right wing sooner and definitely increase my motivation level.
Remi, I ask for help possibly once a year. I enjoy doing the whole damn thing by myself. Some think its a social event. To me its theraputic to be alone, no talking and doing brainless tasks with my hands as the worlds problems go away. To each their own.

By the way, you can do the wing solo or have Steve Parkins come down to help. He's a self proclaimed hobo and is a great wing builder. I'm sure he'll come down for gas money, a clean bed, and a bowl of soup.
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