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Originally Posted by Kumaros
What's the new address, so that we may type it in manually?
I'm really frustrated with the new speeds and idiosyncracies of the forum:
- Images take for ever to load
- The posting form takes even longer to load, if you begin typing as soon as it appears, the software begines searching for the typed in terms, total chaos!
I'm running Opera on a DSL connection, speeds had never been a problem at my end.
It's all Greek to me
The "new" address is same as it used to be:

The posting form does seem to take longer to load - or more accurately - to be ready for typing. It looks like SOME pieces, not all or even most, are still being requested from the old server (which is now the warm standby) though I can't figure why ---- yet. There shouldn't be anything referring to it by address.

I'm going to try making it unavailable which MAY cause some cache servers on the net to forget it existed at the old address, but MAY cause some temporary errors.

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